The Guillotine Salon and Spa nurtures the whole you, inside and out. We help you rejuvenate not only your hair and body, but bring a level of peace and rejuvenation to your soul as well.

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Extremely Important!

If you cancelled or rescheduled an appointment within the last 2 days (March 24th and 25th) please call us at your earliest convenience at 908-654-8686.  Unfortunately last night our entire computer system crashed and we lost all of our data from the past few days.  We are working tirelessly with our computer technicians to try to recover our data but do not know if it will be possible at this time.  We truly apologize for the inconvenience and we will do our absolute best to try to accommodate everyone to the best of our ability.  We thank you for your patience and understanding and we valie all of you and your business!
The Guillotine Salon & Spa Team 


Just a Reminder

We are unable to receive text messages or emails back from our confirmation system.  Please make sure you give us a call at 908-654-8686 if you need to cancel, reschedule, or make changes to your appointment.  Thanks so much!  

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